Cultural Variety in the "Lion City"

Since its foundation by Henry the Lion, Braunschweig (Brunswick) was characterised by the Guelph family and the Hansa for  centuries. Discover numerous historic buildings and entire streets bearing witness to the city's thousand-year history, most prominently the Burgplatz with its lion monument and the Cathedral. Today, Braunschweig impresses as an attractive city of culture and location for shopping. All the features that make up a big city can be reached at short distances – just as the wonderful parks and natural landscapes along the river Oker.

Museums + Exhibitions

Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum

The oldest Museum in continental Europe houses one of the large collections of classic art in northern Germany. With selected masterpieces by Giorgione, Rubens and Rembrandt, the museum currently exhibits a synopsis of its extensive collection inventory.

Städtisches Museum -City Museum

The Städtisches Museum fascinates with extensive collections pertaining to Braunschweig's cultural and art history.


From classic drama to boulevard, from puppet theatre via dance and experimental productions to musical and amateur ensembles – this is the range of the Braunschweig stage landscape. The Staatstheater has a highly varied concert programme in store for you with "Tristan und Isolde", Arnold Schönberg's "Gurre-Lieder" or symphonic concerts with compositions by Wagner, Brahms and Mahler. Experimental theatre has its home in Braunschweig at the LOT-Theater, and the Komödie am Altstadtmarkt invites you to an entertaining evening of boulevard productions.


Weihnachtsmarkt - Christmas Market | 25 Nov – 29 Dec 2015

One of the most enjoyable and attractive markets in northern Germany!

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