Discover new things behind historic facades!

Reasons for a visit to the_9 Cities? The list is endless! Extraordinary events, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, idyllic ensembles of half-timbered houses, modern shopping malls ...

The Magic of Christmas Markets ....

Even during the holidays the Christmas Markets in most of the cities are opened.

The Christmas Markets in the 9 cities all sparkle in front of charming historic backdrops on beautiful historic places.

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Event Highlights 2015

c) Sebastian Gerhard

Even in the new year visitors will expect numerous event highlights in the 9 cities. The focus is on the celebration of the 1,200th anniversary of the city and diocese of Hildesheim.

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History comes to life...

.... by a multitude of traditional offers. We invite you to discover our cities during an exciting and an informative guided tour.

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On tour the whole year round!

The_9 cities in Lower Saxony and the Autostadt in Wolfsburg join forces for a common marketing abroad. Currently there Spain the focus of activities. A new 16-page brochure of  Hannover Marketing & Tourismus  gives an overview of the diverse opportunities in the tourist area of Hannover and the 9 cities

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